Trauma Touch Therapy™



Continued research into the field of traumatic experience has discovered that we hold trauma in our physical body. Symptoms of possible past traumas can include:


·   Anxiety in specific situations

·   Dissociation or ‘checking out’

·   Inability to emotionally connect or enjoy appropriate touch

·   Lack of joy

·   Feeling unclear or unconnected

·   Inability to move forward or feeling stuck

·   Addictive or self-destructive behaviors

·   Chronic feeling of over-whelm

·   Constriction or isolation

·   Physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual trauma


Trauma Touch Therapy™ allows the body to gently unwind the negative effects of past experiences. When the body is in a safe place and with a compassionate witness, it can gently begin to unwind this vortex of traumatic events! My job is to provide the safe place and to be that safe person; your job as a client is to be willing to try a new and effective technique. Together we establish boundaries, safety and connection. I will teach you the language of the body (sensation), along with the other ‘tools’ of contact, breath, movement, art and play. Each session evolves as we work with the body, take things back to the body, and allow it to be our guide.

Our time together may be spent inside or outdoors, but will always include an integration at the end where we ‘take things back the world’. The brain which has changed as a result of trauma can rewire new pathways but it takes time to change. Sessions are scheduled usually one week apart and last one ½ hours.

I encourage you to experience this technique for rediscovery and let me share these tools to come home to your body!


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